Tanita FAQ

1. What is BIA?

BIA stands for Bio Impedance Analysis or simply the measurement of the body’s electrical resistance. Bio impedance is the world’s most scientifically and professionally recognized method of measuring body fat and composition. In this method, a very weak electric current flows through the body, which calculates the proportion of body fat in the body based on the resistance.

2. How accurate are TANITA analyzers?

Weight measurements are accurate to 0.1 kg. The body fat content is accurate to 5% according to the DEXA method, which is the gold standard for measuring body fat.

3. What is bone mineral mass?

The Bone Mineral Mass feature indicates the estimated weight of bone mineral by statistical calculation based on close correlation with skeleton size and Fat Free Mass.*

*(This measurement is not intended as a substitute for more detailed assessments of bone density and / or osteoporosis.)

Why is monitoring of bone mineral mass important?
It has been proven that regular sports activity and the development of muscle mass has a positive effect on strong and healthy bones. It is important for users to develop and maintain healthy bones through adequate sports activity and calcium-rich foods.

4. What is muscle mass?

The function shows the weight of the muscles in the body.

Why is monitoring of muscle mass important?
With each kilogram of muscle gained, our body consumes an additional 100 calories a day on average. Any user who senses a change in their muscle mass must therefore adjust their daily calorie intake. Muscle is denser than fat and therefore “heavier”. Therefore, regular measuring of muscle mass is necessary for a more accurate understanding of changes in body composition and body weight.

People who lose weight according to the prescribed program (diet and sports) can sometimes even gain weight – the muscles are thicker than fat. Unfortunately, an ordinary scale will not be able to recognize and display these changes, which can lead to wrong conclusion and thus quitting the program. With the analyzer, you will be able to notice the changes in body composition, which will further motivate you and drive you to achieve the set goal.

5. What is Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR)?

The function shows the number of calories the body needs at rest.

6. Why is monitoring of basal metabolism rate important?

Understanding BMR allows you to control your daily calorie needs, depending on your physique and lifestyle. The more muscles and / or sports activities the more calories the body needs. Based on the measurement, a diet or fitness program can be designed. BMR decreases with age. Despite the mentioned fact, you can improve it if you do regular aerobic exercise (running, cycling, tennis, football, basketball, etc.).

7. What is metabolic age?

The function shows how efficient the metabolism is. Basal metabolism begins to decline after age 16.

Why is monitoring of metabolic age important?
Estimation of the metabolic age is measured by age. If it is higher than the actual age of the user, it is a bad sign. The body of such a person does not burn calories efficiently enough. Therefore, it is a sign for a person to increase the exercise or sports activities. As sports activity increases, the body produces more muscles that need more calories to function. As a result, basal metabolism (BMR) increases and the metabolic age decreases.

18. What is visceral fat rating?

The function shows the level of fat that surrounds the vital organs in the abdominal area. High visceral fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Why is monitoring of visceral fat important?
High levels of fat in the abdominal area increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, the development of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. By lowering this level, we can help to significantly stabilize insulin, reduce the risk of diabetes and other obesity-related diseases.

9. What is physique rating?

The function shows what kind of body shape the user has. Based on the selected value, a fitness program can be created.

Why is physique rating important?
Despite the increase in sports activity, body weight may not change. However, the ratio of body fat to muscle mass changes, which is reflected in build and posture. Physique rating allows for accurate guidance through diets and fitness programs.


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