Set – painful growth


Set – painful growth


Set paintful growth is intended for your growing adolescents. Usually, children start complaining about pain in their knees, leg muscles and thigh bones when they are eight to twelve years old. For immediate relief, apply magnesium oil to the sore areas – as it is absorbed almost instantly. For a longer-lasting effect and to help them grow, we recommend Omega3 capsules, which have a positive effect on joints and bones.

▶️ When you buy the set at the special price, we also give you a GIFT of 5 ml of Zemagel.

▶️ FOR EASIER LEARNING: Omega3 also helps your children learn and remember better.

The kit is suitable for ages 6 and up.

In the set:

100% natural magnesium oil
Omega 3 capsules
+ GIFT 5 ml Zemagel



Painful growth

Help your children and ease the pain of limb growth.

Growth pains occur very early, even as early as 3 years old, and most people have pains between the ages of 4 and 10.

There is no evidence that a child’s growth has a direct link to these pains. The general opinion is that it is one type of “muscle inflammation” after a big effort. Because the pain is more common in children who are more physically active (running, jumping, etc.).

They occur more often in children who have a low pain threshold. Pain usually occurs in the evening or during sleep, as the pain threshold is lower during sleep.

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