Natural shampoo for all hair types

Natural shampoo for all hair types


100% natural shampoo, based on a mild coconut detergent, contains a super-nutritious blend of wheat proteins and natural essential oils. This intensive herbal therapy prevents scalp problems such as dandruff, scalp itching and inflammation. It strengthens and restores hair (wheat proteins), acts as a mild antiseptic that repels lice (tea tree), soothes itchy and inflamed scalp (lavender), regulates oiliness and dandruff (basil, mint), helps against greying and hair loss (sage).

  • regulates scalp oiliness and restores dry and damaged hair
  • mild antiseptic, prevents dandruff and repels lice
  • helps against hair loss and greying

Suitable for children and all hair types. Rich with natural essential oils works as effective natural LICE PREVENTION.


Organic tea tree essential oil quickly calms itchy scalp and removes the fungi that cause dandruff, thus reducing the appearance of dandruff.

Lavender soothes the scalp, restores softness and protects the hair from external influences.

Basil has an antibacterial effect, which is especially important in the treatment of dandruff. It helps to gently cleanse the hair without harmful effects.

Mint strengthens and restores the hair, relieves itching and improves blood circulation of the scalp.

Sage has been traditionally used for over hundred years against greying and hair loss.

Against lice infestation, use shampoo as you would any other (apply it to the scalp, lather and rinse with water). For better result add a few extra drops of tea tree essential oil to the shampoo.

?  100% natural shampoo that eliminates most hair problems.

?  Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage the scalp and rinse.

?  Lavender and tea tree essential oils in shampoo repel lice and create an unfavorable environment for nits to grow.

Synthetic shampoos have aggressive foaming agents that upset the balance of your scalp. There is a common perception that more foam makes your hair cleaner, however this is not true. Foam irritates the scalp, resulting in dry and itchy scalp, which can result in dandruff. Dandruff can also be a sign of a fungal infection of the scalp.

Normal shampoos wrap your hair in a sheath that prevents oxygen from reaching your hair, which causes the ends to dry out excessively. Hair becomes straw-like and lifeless. Itchy scalp becomes a constant problem. With the use of a natural shampoo, this will not happen to you. The hydrolipidic coat protects the skin from external influences. PH between 5.4 and 5.9 is a guarantee for healthy skin. However, when using synthetic shampoos, which are mostly alkaline, the balance is disturbed, leading to bacterial growth and inflammation. Natural hair shampoo gently removes impurities from your hair and maintains the natural balance of your scalp.

The product is Aromacert® certified, which guarantees a high level of quality, according to strict aromatherapy criteria such as: naturalness, authenticity and purity of ingredients. The product is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Active ingredients: natural essential oils: organic tea tree oil*, organic lavender oil, organic basil oil, organic mint oil and organic sage oil and a mild foaming agent of natural origin (from corn and coconut oil).

Contents: 200 ml

INCI: water, coco-glucoside, sodium coco-sulphate, glyceryl oleate, hydrolysed wheat proteins, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, citric acid, lavender angustifolia oil*, mentha arvensis leaf oil*, linalool**, basilcum oil*, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, clary sage oil*. *natural essential oils, **essential oil constituents.

Does not contain perfumes, dyes, parabens and petrochemicals.

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