Lice repellent spray

Lice repellent spray


Getting rid of head lice can be a painful and long process. And just when you’ve spent all that time getting rid of the nits and lice, they come back again.

Not only that prevention will save you a lot of time it will also prevent future lice infestations. The spray contains 100% natural ingredients and essential oils that efficiently repels lice and creates unsuitable environment for lice development. Suitable for children’s hair.

  • creates unsuitable environment for lice, aphids and nits
  • repels lice and protects from lice infestation
  • organic essential oils of tea tree, lavender and lemon grass
  • 100% natural, without harmful chemicals and insecticides

The spray can be applied to the hair several times a day. We recommend applying just before entering kindergarten or school. You can also spray the toys.


Did you know that common lice removers contain harmful chemicals and insecticides?
You can prevent annoying nuisance in a harmless and 100% natural way. The combination of the essential oils of organic lavender, organic tea tree and organic lemongrass creates an unfavorable environment for lice to nest.

Lice have already developed resistance to many agents and insecticides in shampoos. However, because lice have an extremely developed sense of smell, we drive them away with the smell of lavender and lemongrass.

Tea tree has repulsive smell for lice. Furthermore, it has natural insecticidal properties and had been proven to kill lice and nits.

👉  If needed, the spray can be applied several times a day to clean hair and scalp.

👉  Do not rinse the spray and make sure it does not come into contact with eyes.

👉  Suitable for refreshing toys.

The Lice repellent spray is mainly intended for prevention of lice. If your child already has a troublesome lice infestation, this solution may not suffice; you will need to manually remove all lice and nits.

The product is Aromacert® certified, which guarantees a high level of quality, according to strict aromatherapy criteria such as: naturalness, authenticity and purity of ingredients. The product is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Ingredients: natural essential oils of organic lavender oil, organic tea tree oil, organic lemongrass oil.

Contents: 50 ml

INCI: alcohol denat., aqua, *lavandula angustifolia flower oil, *melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, *cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil, tocopheryl acetate, limonene**, linalool**, citronellol**, citral**, eugenol**, geraniol**, *organically produced essential oils, **natural constituents of essential oils

Does not contain perfumes, dyes, parabens and petrochemicals.

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