Lip balm with honey

Lip balm with honey


Carefully selected nourishing composition of lip balm is intended exquisitely for care and protection of the lips. The combination of beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and honey helps even the most sensitive and chapped lips in completely natural way.

  • nourishes, moisturizes and protects the lips
  • soothes irritated and sunburned lips
  • accelerates healing and restores chapped lips

Tea tree oil provides mild and beneficial antiseptic effect for wounded lips.


Beeswax heals, moisturizes, protects from free radicals and promotes elasticity of the lips. It is known for its antiseptic effect and therefore often used in wound and burn healing products.

Honey has antibacterial properties and promotes the absorption and retention of moisture in the lips. The disinfecting and nourishing effect of honey is well known and scientifically proven, natural product that doesn’t have the side effects of some artificial ingredients.

Cocoa butter moisturizes and nourishes the lips, strengthens the lip natural defenses and promotes lip renewal.

Jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes the lips and is anti-inflammatory, making it suitable for the care of damaged or inflamed lips.

Tea tree oil has exceptional antibacterial properties and a strong antiseptic effect.

Peppermint is cooling, antiseptic and analgesic.

Vanilla has a soothing effect on irritated skin.

?  Apply the Lip balm several times a day, as needed, with clean hands.

Beeswax is composed of esters of unsaturated fatty acids with monovalent aliphatic fatty acids accounting for 70%. The other ingredients are free fatty acids (15%), aliphatic hydrocarbons (15%), coloring agents, flavoring agents, minerals and vitamin A. Some add other adulterants (tallow, mineral, vegetable wax, etc.) to the wax, which are rejected by bees. Furthermore, fake waxes are very difficult to identify. Wax starts to melt at 64 ºC and becomes plastic and pliable at around 35 ºC. 37 ºC is the normal hive temperature that allows bees to mold the wax. At 25 ºC, the wax is very strong and can hold several kilograms of honey, because the bees use it to form the honeycomb in which they store the honey. If the temperature of the wax drops below 18 ºC, it becomes bitter tasting. Beeswax was the only wax for millennia, but today there are several types of wax, such as vegetable waxes and synthetic waxes. Our product contains only natural beeswax.

The product is Aromacert® certified, which guarantees a high level of quality, according to strict aromatherapy criteria such as: naturalness, authenticity and purity of ingredients. The product is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Ingredients: beeswax, honey, organic jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, natural essential oil of organic tea tree*, peppermint and vanilla extract.

Contents: 10 ml

INCI: simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, cera alba, theobroma cacao seed butter*, mel, helianthus annuus seed oil, vanilla planifolia fruit extract, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, mentha piperita oil, tocopherol, limonene, linalool. *certified organic.

Does not contain perfumes, dyes, parabens and petrochemicals.


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