Natural shower gel

Natural shower gel


100% natural shower gel based on a mild coconut detergent, contains rich herbal mixture that gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin (lemon grass, rosemary, cinnamon), soothes (Siberian pine) and has a mild antiseptic effect (organic tea tree).

  • gently cleanses the skin
  • has a mild antiseptic effect
  • nourishes and calms the skin
  • natural protection against fungal infections

Suitable for sensitive skin and children. Does not irritate or dry the skin.


Natural shower gel has nourishing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The addition of Siberian pine helps to calm and relax.

Lemongrass counteracts fatigue and tiredness, revitalizes and refreshes. It is effective in helping red blood cells to be supplied with oxygen more easily.

Rosemary, considered a healing herb since the early Middle Ages, has been attributed with many health benefits: calming cramps, killing germs, promoting blood circulation, soothing the nerves. Used in aromatherapy, quickly awakens the senses and calms the mind.

?  Rub a small amount of the gel into the skin and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

?  After showering, we recommend using MEI moisturizing rich body lotion.

?  Suitable for children due to its mild formula.

Interesting fact: From the end of the 18th century to the mid-19th century, production was influenced by the Industrial Revolution. In 1791, French chemist Nicholas Leblanc patented the production of sodium bicarbonate from salt. A new era for soap began twenty years later when Michel Eugne Chevreul, also a French chemist, explored the chemical reaction of saponification. The development of electric-powered machines and discoveries in chemistry halved the cost of production. Manufacturers forgot about natural substances and turned to cheap chemistry to make detergents. Thus, we entered the era of chemical composites in cosmetics. However, synthetic colors, fragrances and other substances are harmful to the human body.

With natural soaps, we go back to the days before the chemicals, so we don’t harm our bodies. Natural shower gel is free from chemicals, perfumes or artificial colors. Natural soap is much kinder to the skin and does not irritate it, which is especially important for sensitive skin.

The product is Aromacert® certified, which guarantees a high level of quality, according to strict aromatherapy criteria such as: naturalness, authenticity and purity of ingredients. The product is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Active ingredients: natural essential oils: organic tea tree oil*, lemongrass oil, fir oil, rosemary oil and cinnamon oil, and a mild foaming agent of natural origin (from corn and coconut oil).

Contents: 200 ml

INCI: water, coconut glycoside, sodium cocosulphate, glyceryl oleate, sodium chloride, hydrolysed wheat proteins, citric acid, sodium benzoate, abies sibirica* oil, rosmarinus officinalis* leaf oil, cymbopogon flexuosus* oil, cinnamomum cassia* leaf oil, citral**, eugenol**, farnesol**, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*. *organically produced essential oils, **essential oil constituents.

Does not contain perfumes, dyes, parabens and petrochemicals.


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