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Mindtrade d.o.o. has been a family business since 1998 with a long tradition, intertwined with a healthy lifestyle and a vision to help people with all kinds of problems in a completely natural way.

Our products are united under the SEN brand, which stands for our values: superior, efficient/environmentally friendly and natural. The SEN brand was recently joined by our new brand MEI, which means ‘BEAUTIFUL’ in Japanese. The MEI collection combines mainly beauty and skin care products.


Our beginnings

The history of the company began to be written when, as a child, I suffered from a very severe form of atopic dermatitis. The disease did not spare me even in my teenage years, as in addition to bloody, painful and itchy patches on the skin, it also aroused a lot of ridicule and rude comments from peers. My mother and I visited a number of doctors, dermatologists and homeopaths in Slovenia and abroad, who prescribed various creams, tinctures, capsules, medicines and much more. All the ointments were extremely aggressive, and I could only use them for a short time. However, they did not solve the problems. My father, the founder of the company, unfortunately found out there were no commercial natural alternatives available was in the 80s. He was looking for the possibilities of natural healing, as he wanted to help me in every way. After effectively alleviating the problems with natural alternatives, my father decided to help other people with similar problems. Thus, we became one of the first companies in our market to offer natural personal care products and natural nutritional supplements without additives.

Ziva Selak, procurator


Today, we continue the tradition and follow global trends and research on natural cosmetics that alleviate a range of problems without side effects. In cooperation with experts from all around the world, we have developed a wide range of products for various problems. Our products do not contain dyes, perfumes, parabens and petroleum products, which means that they can be used by people, children and even babies with the most sensitive skin. They say that a good word spreads fast, which in our case meant we got more and more request from abroad simply through recommendations. We are happy to use the products ourselves, but our greatest motivation in work and development is our customers satisfaction. If you help (save) one life, you save (help) the world!

Samo Selak, ceo


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